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General Information




When you are registered for a ride, you will get a new page with all the info (Iban and Bic account number, amount, message, etc. ...) If you have lost this, here you will find all the info: Kemmel-IBAN: BE75 4692 1344 9151-BIC-CODE: KREDBEBB (from Kemmel Historic committee). May we ask you to do this only if you are already registered. Don't forget to mention the name of the registered person.



What type of cars?


We organize tours for vintage vehicles before the year 1982 or for exclusive cars.There are also a limited number of exclusive cars by trip allowed. Our first choice is still classic cars.



What type of roadbook?


We usually draw Tulip road books. Very rarely we also use read maps. After all, it is intended that also people without experience can read our road books. Quite typical is that our road book is formatted in 3 languages (Ned, French and English). We also report the street names, distances (in Km and Miles). These are usually formatted with a Trip master. An example of a Tulip road book can be found here.